I Am

Hello! Thank you so much for finding your way to my page. I hope that whether you’ve come here to check out my performance career, my digital content creation, or read my blog, I can provide a safe space where I share things that I love, my thoughts, give some encouragement, and hopefully bring some sparkle to your life. If I can inspire one person, I count that as a win and can’t wait to go on this journey together.

A little about me:

  • I believe that God is always faithful.
  • I value family and friendship above all else
  • I am half Japanese, half Caucasian
  • I’ve been training as a dancer and singer my entire life.
  • I’ve been performing, as a dancer, at Disney, for the past six years.
  • My dream is to move to NYC and be on Broadway.
  • I have a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s in Human Development and a minor in dance.
  • I’ve taught myself how to do digital creation and photo editing.
  • I love to bake, even if it results in Pinterest failures.
  • Rainy, cold weather is my favorite.
  • I’m a hopeless romantic.
  • October- December are my favorite months of the year.
  • I love quotes.
  • Peonies and sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
  • I’m always willing to talk with anyone, at any time, about anything. Long, deep conversations (with lots of laughter) are my love language.
  • I believe that human connection is the most important part of life and that every single human is beautiful in their own, awesome, unique way.

I aim to help others going through similar situations. I am most passionate about the human condition and connections so I share a lot of personal posts, but also incorporate beauty faves, fashion, recipes, and lots more. I look forward to sharing all that I can with you! Always open to any and all requests and recommendations. Thank you so so much for joining me on this journey. Your support means everything to me.


Maya Keiko


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