Deck The Halls

Happy Holidayyssss!!! Yes, I am one of the crazies that starts listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. I know some people believe you should wait until after Thanksgiving, but I can still be thankful and love all things Thanksgiving while still enjoying the twinkling lights and tinsel and bells ringing. Why not extend Christmas longer?! It’s the best holiday of the entire year. I’ve decided to just create a little blog post with some of my favorite things that have brightened up my room and kicked off the season!


Okay, first of all, if you go to Bath and Body works, be prepared to spend some moola… buuuttt make sure you get the app first because there are actually some really good deals on there like free products and severely discounted items. Plus, it shows you all of the in-store deals, most importantly, discounts on the 3-wick candles. There are so many yummy Christmas scents so I suggest leaving a good chunk of time so you can smell around for awhile hehe. I got some fun candles, room scents, and car scents! My little snowman to plug-in was free because they were doing a special to get an item under $16.50 for free! Like I said, do not miss out on the deals, they are super fun! And your entire life will smell like Christmas.


Okay, another one of my favorite things is this chalkboard board that I have in my room. I usually erase it and rewrite a quote on it at the beginning of each month. I got this one from Hobby Lobby, once again, with the app, you can get 40% off of one item so this is a great thing for it to go towards! I use a chalk pen because creates sharper lines and is easier to clean up than normal chalk. It’s a cute addition to any room and I got this $3 garland at Target to drape around it to make it more seasonal.

To get in the holiday spirit, my best friend and I made cookies and icing, from scratch, this past weekend and decorated them all Christmassy! I don’t remember where I got the cute cookie cutters from because I’ve had them for years, but I’m sure you can find them anywhere! I will link the recipes that I followed so that you can make them yourself!

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Royal Icing Recipe

The thing I love about these recipes are that they are so easy to follow. I like the no-chill aspect for the cookies and wasn’t so sure about it because every other time I’ve made sugar cookies, you have to wait for the dough to chill, but these held their shapes perfectly! Also, with the royal icing recipe, I suggest adding more water so that it is easier to spread. It dries extremely fast so you have to make sure to keep mixing before filling up your piping bags!

I think this is a super fun Christmas activity, you can even make the cookies ahead of time and decorate them later on with friends. You could also get more creative and get small candies to put on them like gumdrops or licorice or m&ms!

I also decided to get a new tree.. I had a 4 foot one before but Michael’s had greattttt discounts this past weekend so I got a 7 foot one for $50! Keep an eye out for those Michael’s sales because literally all of their Christmas decor was on sale and it was amazingly cheap and discounted. They have so many fun and cute things. I went with colors that match my room but they have so many different color schemes that you can go with! If you can get your hands on some pretty ribbon, tulle, burlap, or mesh, it is a great way to fill in some of the gaps on your tree! I bought one thing of 35 ornaments, a thing of tulle, and a spool of ribbon and it filled out the tree perfectly!!

Happy Holidays and happy decorating!!!

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