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Hey lovelies! So lately, I’ve gotten quite a few questions about my lashes and hair, so I thought I would do a little blog post today about some of my favorite beauty things, in regards to paying for services like nails, hair, and eyelash extensions. I don’t know about you, but when I have these things done, I feel like I have my life together. I’m not a professional on any of these topics, but just sharing my experiences!


First of all, hair! My hair is something that pretty much defines my look; I’m sure you can tell from looking at my Instagram. I’ve pretty much had long hair my entire life and every time I think I should chop it, I chicken out and can’t do it. Maybe someday I will! For now, it’s super convenient for me because I can pretty much do anything with it. That being said, I rarely ever, actually, style my hair. Usually only for special occasions,  I will blow-dry and curl it. On a normal day, it gets tossed up in a messy bun, or ponytail, with my new obsession, scrunchies.. why did they ever go out of style?! They are the best!

So something I learned about hair, is that you should only go to people that are recommended.. Most women have a tragic hair story and I am NO exception. My first hair color was an absolute DISASTER.. as seen in these pictures. I had heard from a friend (a blond friend) that they went to a great stylist in the area. The problem with this, is that some stylists specialize in coloring certain types of hair, at least that’s what I feel this lady’s situation was. I’ve definitely seen some stylist’s instagrams that specialize in more blond or brunette work. I asked for balayage, with a few bright face framing pieces, and received tiger stripes in return. I had to go to a different stylist to fix the disaster and $350 later, I was pretty much nowhere near what I hoped my hair would look like.


Biggest lesson here: DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Nowadays, every good hairstylist has a beautiful instagram that you can scroll through and see what type of work they do. There is no excuse for receiving a terrible coloring job, with the amount of research possible. You can generally see what type of color they do, and what to expect.

Fast forward (after I got over the fear of ever coloring my hair again), I found the most AMAZING, TALENTED  hair magician, Tori Ingardia ( instagram: ). I’ve been going to her for about three years now, and my hair has NEVER looked better. First of all, she has the most gorgeous Instagram page of her work, that you will want to follow, because she posts pictures all the time of her insane work. Second of all, she is the sweetest, cutest, most personable, down-to-earth person, and that is super important if you are going to be sitting, for hours, getting your hair done. Let me tell you, we can talk for hours on end, and I ALWAYS look forward to being in her chair.

When I go see her, she knows exactly what I want now. We do a balayage and babylights for my hair. The first time I went to her, I pretty much told her kinda what I wanted and showed her a picture, and she went to town, and what she did was way more amazing than I could have ever expected! If you are in the Orange County area, definitely check her out, she is amazing. This picture below is from my most recent visit to her. (Hairbytorirae)



I love love love having my nails done. It’s another one of those things, where I feel like if my nails are done, my life is together. It sounds ridiculous but I’m sure some of you ladies know what I’m talking about.

I used to get acrylics all the time. In high school, that was pretty much all I did. Standard acrylic with a fake tip and a gel color on top. The past few years, I’ve switched over to the SNS dip powder. This stuff is AMAZING! Not every salon offers it, so it’s definitely something you have to look up, or call beforehand, to see if they carry it. Basically, they put some sort of clear coat on your nails, dip it into a powder that hardens, and repeat the process. It’s my completele natural nail underneath, with no tip or anything, to extend the nail. The powder hardens so that your natural nail just keeps growing without any risk of chipping or breaking. My natural nails are so long now that I don’t have to have any fake tip on the end, to create the shape that I want. Another plus, is that it lasts longer than gel and there’s no UV light used in the process. Getting my nails done with SNS dipping powder generally last for 3-4 weeks, with some grow out, of course.

Usually I will mix up the colors and always go with a coffin shape. Most people prefer the simple square shape, I just go with coffin because I like the way it narrows at the tip of the fingernail a little more.

These are all my nails, just some of the different colors that I’ve had (and remembered to take pictures of). All natural nails with SNS dipping powder. I highly suggest trying it!


This one is new to me as of this summer, but let me tell you, they are absolutely AMAZING! I’ve gotten them done a few times in the past and they were great, but not exactly what I was looking for. Lashes are another one where you should make sure to do your research. A lot of lash artists specialize in different styles. You can usually choose between a classic set, hybrid set, or full volume set. The main difference is how voluminous you want your lashes to look. Personally,  I like mine as full, long, and dramatic as possible. Many lash artists also have instagram pages where you can see what kind of work they do and see if that matches the style you are going for.

The stylist I go to is absolutely amazing. Shanna ( insta: ) always adjusts to exactly what style I am looking for. My first appointment with her, they were absolutely incredible. Every time you go to her, and want something adjusted, she will make them longer or shorter, fuller or wispier, depending on what you want. She really listens to her client and makes sure that you walk out of there happy. I get a full volume set, because my natural lashes are a bit more on the sparse side, and I love how full they look after.

I feel like frequent questions about eyelash extensions are: if they hurt, how long it takes, and if they ruin your natural lashes. They do not hurt at all. You can barely feel it when they are working on them. To be honest, I usually fall asleep for a little bit. Your eyes are closed the whole time, you’re laying down, and you can barely feel a thing. It will depend on the person you go to, how long it will take. Shanna is quick quick quick which is amazing. My first full set took about and hour and a half and then fills take about 45 minutes. It really just depends on the person! They can usually give you an estimate if you ask them how long it will take. Lastly, no, they do not ruin your natural lashes AT ALL! They shouldn’t. Each extension is attached individually to your lash, so when your natural lash falls out, that extension falls out, but it shouldn’t effect any of your other lashes at all. Once again, make sure you do your research ahead of time to make sure your lash artist is qualified and does exceptional work.


Shanna ( has so graciously offered all of my blog followers 20% off their first visit to her, for eyelash extensions, if you mention my name/ my blog. This is not an offer you want to miss, so book those appointments!

I hope that all of this was helpful! It’s by no means a professional take on things, with all of the technicalities, but these are just some of my favorite beauty things, and I hope you like them too! Don’t forget, when you are going to get these services done, that they are a service, and 20% gratuity is industry standard! If you go to stylists that are qualified, and you do your research, you won’t be wasting a cent. I love love love Tori and Shanna so please check out their work, and if you are in South Orange County, I highly suggest going to them!!

Thanks for checking out today’s blog post!!

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