My Room

So a few years back, one of my friends Morgan, (check out her beautiful blog “Larger Than Existing”) created these vision boards for our friends and I. She started out by asking us five simple question in regards to things that we liked and color schemes that we found appealing then created a board of printed pictures to hang in our rooms. Every time I looked at the board, I felt at peace and enjoyed having a centerpiece to look at. I decided to take that idea and run with it. I created my own vision board on a larger scale and have created a centerpiece in my room that I enjoy looking at every single day. It has a main pink theme (obviously) and pictures of lots of my favorite things, pretty things to look at, and quotes that I enjoy. I purchased a large foam board from Home Depot, printed out photos from, and got some gold push pins then got to work. It’s a great project for a lazy weekend afternoon. If you put on your favorite show, you can take hours just rearranging the photos to create the most appealing aesthetic for your vision board. It’s a simple project, creates a big impact in a space, and can bring your whole room together.

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Another aspect of my room that really enjoy are canvases. Usually, I will stop by Michaels when they have a good sale going for canvases and purchase them in bulk. You can also order them on Amazon. I got 6 canvases for $12, the other day, at Michaels. It’s a very easy project and I’ve had some dms of people that like them and said they have no artistic talent, but you really don’t need any! I’ve been practicing different writing styles for years and have created my own that I like. One of the main things that can make a difference is outlining the right parts of the words. Write your word(s) in cursive, then darken all of the down strokes and violá! You have a faux calligraphy look. I will usually lightly sketch the words or quotes in pencil first (be careful because it doesn’t erase perfectly on canvas) and then go over it with a paint pen. The one that I like to use if by the company “Craft smart” and it’s a multi-surface premium oil-based paint pen. You can definitely use whatever works best for you, I just like this one because it leaves a sheen that reflects light a little bit the way that real paint would. I looped some fairy lights/ twinkle lights around the base of my doors and around some of the canvases to add some light to the room. I found them on Amazon and what’s even better is that they have a remote so I can turn them off when I’m laying down in bed. It’s the best!

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Lastly, one of my favorite walls, and my third wall that is covered, is my wall with my Broadway posters. You can do this with any sort of posters whether it’s your favorite band, favorite shows, magazine covers, really anything! Putting them into simple frames can make all the difference. I go to Hobby Lobby to get my frames because they ALWAYS have great deals going on. A lot of the time, they have 40% and 50% off frames. Also, you can download their app and get 40% off one item. I love Hobby Lobby so I can guarantee this won’t be the last time I’m mentioning them. By putting these posters into frames, it automatically upgrades your room and makes it feel more mature without spending a ton of money and still allowing you to have your favorite posters up on the wall.

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These are all such small things that can make a huge difference in a room. This is my style and even if this isn’t yours, hopefully you can take a few of these things and apply them to your style. You can never have enough pictures, pillows, or candles!

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