My Favorite Things

Welcome!! I describe more about me in my “I am..” section if you are curious, but to kick off my first post, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite things! I thought this would be a good way to show you what kinds of things I like for you to get a sense of the person I am!

• I love romcoms. To the point where I am thinking about doing an individual post just about them.. I have a lot of favorites and they are the best kind of pick-me-up movies.

• Sunrises and sunsets on the beach. Honestly, what is better than being up before everyone else and watching the beauty unfold in front of you.

• Candles. I actually have 22 candles in my room right now.. Bath and Body works is the best.

• Taking a warm shower at night, putting on cozy pajamas, and sleeping in clean sheets.

• Swimming with friends, in the pool, as the sun goes down.

• Bachelor/ Bachelorette Mondays with the ladies.

• Christmas.

• Finding fancy meals or treats on Pinterest and attempting to make something that even slightly resembles the Pinterest picture.

• Snuggling with friends on the couch, with a good movie.

• Love. I love love and romance and couples and people that are in love and pictures of people in love. I just love love.

• Rolling down the windows with all of my ladies and blasting Taylor Swift.

• I love musicals. I love live theater and feeling the emotions that they express and being transported to another world.

• Sunflowers and pink peonies.

• The rain is the absolute best.

• Weddings.

• Did I mention Christmas?

• I love doing calligraphy. I am no professional, but it brings me a lot of peace and relaxation.

• Carbs. Yep, I love my pasta and bread.

• Fresh nails, fresh hair, a fresh shave (or wax but that’s for a different post).. all some of the best feelings in the world.

• Dinner by the beach. What could be better?

• Getting dressed up to go out.

• Hotel rooms.. hotels in general.

• New clothes that fit perfectly.

• Friends. The TV show. Absolutely love that show.. also love New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Queer Eye, The Great British Baking Show, and The Office.

• Glitter. Glitter, rhinestones, sparkles everywhere. I love it.

• Pink is my favorite color, all shades of blue are a close second.

• Travelling. Getting to experience new cultures and appreciating beautiful people all over the world.

• Family dinners. The rare times when we can get everyone together mean the world to me.

• I love Japan. I’m half Japanese and the country is absolutely beautiful and something everyone should experience.

• Disneyland on a cold night.

• Christmas. Christmas. Christmas.

• Printing out photos and putting them everywhere.

• Rearranging my room.

• Any and all crafts. Painting mason jars, arranging pictures, finding any and all crafts on Pinterest.

• My dog and my cat.. all dogs and all cats.

• Talking about anything and everything.

These are a few of my favorite things. What are yours??

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